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Wedding Gowns as Unique as You

As brides, we go to great lengths to ensure that our wedding ceremony best represents us. So why should you settle for a gown that anyone can wear?

Instead, Go2Bella is happy to offer you our bespoke service.  We create custom bridal wear that makes you feel, and look, like royalty. Our gowns fit perfectly to your form, and we ensure every single detail is used to bring out your best features.

We keep you involved at each stage of the process, with at least three dress fittings over the course of six-to-eight months. When it’s time for your wedding day, you’ll receive a unique dress that can’t get purchased anywhere.

Your wedding is a time of new beginnings. Let us help you celebrate the way you’ve intended to with your perfect dress. No one else brings your vision to life as we can.


In-House Designs

Your first appointment will be with our designer Isabella Margianu. She will listen to your bridal story to incorporate as much of your personality as she can into your gown.

“Every dress begins as a sketch on our pad as I listen to your lovely story and vision, then come-up  with the design that you’ll fall in love with.”

The sketch of the design will be sent to you along with the estimated price. We do not begin creating your dress until you love the initial design and you are satisfied with the price. Even if there are changes that must get added, we guarantee that you’ll love the final results.


Custom Bridal Creations

During the first fitting we will take your measurements and finalize all of the details regarding your order.

From the first fitting until the final finished dress, we ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. Your custom sketch receives nothing but the highest quality materials that we can find.

Whether you wish to have many different accessories or want the dress to take center stage, we ensure the ideal creation for your gown each time. The only thing that limits our designs is your imagination.


The Perfect Fit for Any Bride

By the second dress fitting, we’ll have the final adjustments ready to get applied. All of your accented areas are hand-sewn to ensure nothing short of perfection.

Each stitch is created with love for both designing custom gowns, as well as helping brides. We receive no greater joy than knowing that we have created yet another successful wedding dress.


Final Showcase

When it’s time for the final fitting, your custom-created wedding dress is ready for the aisle, the runway, and anywhere in between. All that is left to do at this stage is ensure that the gown remains prepared for the big day.

We guarantee that by this point, you will already look incredible and your dress has already finished. When you choose Go2Bella, we make designing your perfect dress a straightforward process that you can rely on for any wedding.


We inspect every detail until that final moment and the dress will be yours to treasure forever

The price for a Bespoke bridal gown starts from $1800, the final price will depend on the design, the amount and type of fabrics used as well as such finishing details like lace and embellishment.