Wedding Gown Redesign

New & Vintage Styles

Whereas most family heirlooms are merely decorative, passing our wedding dresses down to our eager daughters is a time-honored tradition of motherhood. However, what is a future bride to do when she receives a horribly outdated gown that she’s expected to wear?

Even in an age where everyone expects something previously created to enjoy, nothing beats a custom-tailored gown. Whether you need a newly designed dress or alter an existing gown, Go2Bella remains the top choice for all your bridal wear needs.

We have spent decades transforming heirloom dresses that elevate the original design without losing its original style. Even if you prefer a vintage style gown, we’ll ensure that it gets updated without erasing your family’s memories.

As someone who left their motherland many years ago, I understand how important those links to our family’s past remain. We have built our reputations on transforming yesterday’s wedding wear into this season’s hottest dresses.

At Go2Bella we specialize in redesigns and restyle wedding gowns. Over the past 25 years, Isabella Margianu has earned a reputation for fine quality and craftsmanship, and has been featured in a number of national bridal magazines. See some of them on our “THE PRESS“ page.

Bridal AlterationBridal Alteration

Limitless Choices, and Endless Designs

Going to a typical bridal shop only shows you dress created in a factory. Not only are their appearance generic and dull, but they rarely seem to fit correctly.

When you bring your gowns to us, we ensure that we only change the features that you ask us to do. You never need to worry about us choosing inspiration over your exact needs.

Any gown can get transformed by our experienced hands and highest quality materials. There is virtually no end to what we can do to craft your perfect dress from any starting point.

Whether you need to encapsulate a dress’ sentimental value, its vintage charm, or change everything but one small item, no one else has the skills you can trust like our team. Go2Bella remains the top name in Atlanta bridal fashion services, and we want to design for you.

Wedding Gown Redesign Appointment

We advise alterations to begin 8 to 10 weeks for bridal and 6 to 8 weeks for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and flower girl dresses. Please call in advance for an appointment.

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