High quality, custom tailoring on your suits, jackets, slacks and coats. By adjusting waists, sides and hems, we can make you look your best and contribute to the overall impression you make on others, your success and your self-esteem.

A Perfect Fit

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Men’s Tailoring

Coats and Jackets

  • Shorten/Lengthen sleeves
  • Shorten/Lengthen hems
  • Lift Shoulders
  • Replace worn linings
Mens Tailoring Jeans


  • Shorten/Lengthen hems
  • Waist, Seat, Crotch – in/out
  • Sides – in/out
  • Original jean hems, waists, sides
Mens Tailoring Shirts


  • Sleeves – in/out
  • Sleeves – shorten/lengthen
  • Hem
Mens Tailoring Repairs


  • Replace broken zippers
  • Add buttons, snaps, hooks/eyes
  • Replace elastic waistbands
  • All mending requirements
  • Jean patches

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