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Great Job………I have a bad habit of buying clothes without trying them on. I just kind of hold up an item, determine it looks “about right” and call it good. This is really not the best way to do things, I know. As an example, I fell in love with a fantastic pair of jeans……


Perfect in so many ways . . . Isabella’s excellent seamstress skills are enhanced by the clean and organized shop setting, and the ease of getting appointment times that fit my schedule eliminated any “alteration stress.” Isabella’s interest in my dress made me feel like I was her only bride. You will never regret trusting Isabella…


The Perfect Place to Bring Your Dress! Go2Bella did the most amazing job altering my special occasion dress. They made it fit my frame perfectly and I was comfortable the entire day and night … I didn’t want to take the dress off! I, as so many other customers, can not recommend them enough!


Super Happy. As someone who has profound respect for anyone who is able to design, alter, or repair articles of clothing, I’m constantly on the lookout for reputable, friendly establishments that cannot just do the work, but also establishments I enjoy supporting. Go2Bella Alterations is most definitely one of those establishments. Great care was taken not…


Amazing!! I would just like to say how amazing Go2Bella is! I purchased my dress at a boutique, and they did not offer an alteration service. I was a little worried about not being able to find a good alteration shop that specializing in High-end couture gowns. I found Isabella through google after moving to…

Veronica B

YAY Isabella! Isabella was absolutely wonderful to work with. I purchased a 2-piece jacket dress suit for a job interview. I loved the outfit, but it did not fit right. Not having a job I was working within a tight budget. She was very conscious of that when making recommendations for alterations, and really worked with…


Great Customer Care. I got a nice pair of jeans at an amazing low price over Thanksgiving weekend. But the jeans are boot-cut and I’m short. A very bad combination. But the price and the look were so good, I decided I’d fix that later. Between a mix of laziness, then moving, then just forgetting…


Wonderful Experience…Isabella was amazing during my wedding dress alterations. She made my dress fit like a glove. I never wanted to take the dress off!

Laura C

Couldn’t have asked for better…After reading wonderful reviews about Isabella with Go2Bella I decided that would be the place I took my dress. I needed a lot done to it to get it exactly how I wanted it and she did everything perfectly. She added a corset to my dress and it looked seamless. Even…

Anne – Marie

Brides, this is the seamstress you need. In the past, I have had less than satisfactory experiences with alterations and seamstresses, but all my fears were put to rest after the first fitting. She is very friendly, caring and professional. In working with Isabella, I can’t help but rave about how fantastic she is at what…


Excellent! We have recently started to use to Go2Bella Alterations business service and have found it to be convenient for our customers. It saves my customers time and best of all it helps us sell, having Isabella doing on-site fittings. The quality of their service is excellent!


Go Bella! The professionalism, knowledge and expertise of the staff at Go2Bella Alterations is second to none. All aspects of the work carried out by Isabella are first class – the workmanship we receive is superb!


Spectacular work…Isabella did an amazing job altering my wedding dress. I had three fittings, and my dress looked perfect on my big day. Toni is very sweet, professional, and comes highly recommended by me! Thank you Isabella!


Isabella is amazing! I bought my dress from Bridal Salon in Atlanta; however I live in Chicago. Isabella has been gracious to work around my alteration visits based on my trips back to Atlanta. The Bridal Salon made a big mistake when ordering my dress, and then left Isabella and me to deal with their mistake.…


“Extremely efficient professional service given by Go2Bella Alterations. As we are selling a high quality product we have to be able to have confidence in the work carried out. We are extremely customer focused and our customers deserve and expect nothing but the best. I have no problem recommending “Go2Bella Alterations” for business or personal use.”


Great wedding gown alterations! Isabella did perfect work on my wedding gown! It had many layers and a unique organza texture all over the body, and she worked with it extremely well. She let out the hips, hemmed it, added a bustle, bra cups, and a petersham ribbon to allow me to feel like my strapless…


Outstanding embroidery! I made aprons for my grandson and daughter. I asked Isabella to embroider their names on the aprons, and she did an outstanding job. Isabella has done many embroidery jobs for me over the years and I am always so pleased with her work – done to perfection and always in a timely…


Awesome Alteration! Isabella and her team did an outstanding job altering my very detailed wedding dress. I was extremely pleased with their work! It was as if the dress was made just for me 🙂 They also altered my mom’s dress and my sister’s bridesmaid dress. Everything was perfect and my dreams were fulfilled. I highly…


Luckiest moments! One of the luckiest moments in my life was the first time I entered Go2Bella Alterations. Isabella is a meticulous Designer/Seamstress and a wonderful spirit. All her work is done to European standards. I have moved far away but always happily take my clothes to Isabella because she truly is one of the best…


Amazing Alterations! Isabella has altered many dresses throughout the years for my family. We have always had a good experience. She was the only person I trusted to alter my wedding dress. Needless to say, the dress was perfect! She is extremely skilled and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend Go2Bella Alterations!


Great Alterations!! I had already had my dress altered but was just not happy with it, so I took it to Go2Bella, and she was able to fix it for me so that my dress looked perfect. She also was able to fix the bustle so I don’t have to worry about any extra pinning the…


The Best! I have been going to Go2Bella for alterations, monogramming, table linens, pillows, etc. for the last eight years and everything she has worked on for me has been wonderful. Isabella is precise and very helpful.


Amazing customer care! It’s already been nine years since I discovered Go2Bella Alterations. Isabella is a true gem I must say. Always ready to please and ensure total customer satisfaction. It is without a doubt that I recommend her to anyone .Thank you for the amazing customer care.