Isabella Margianu’s Biography

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Even when she was a young girl growing up in vibrant Romania, Isabella Margianu knew she was going to create fashionable clothing. Taking that passion to heart, she continued learning and honing her craft at UCECOM Institute of Confection where she earned a degree in Fashion Design and Master Tailoring.

Of course, learning fashion by the books just isn’t enough to allow your style and personality to shine through. That is why Isabella left, unaltered and uninitiated by the harsh restrictions of the communist regime instituted in her country, for new inspiration by traveling throughout Europe and Asia, to one of the most celebrated fashion capitals of the world-Milan, before eventually moving to the fashion capital of the United States, New York City.

Isabella’s time in NYC was instrumental in forming her career, as well as meeting many influential designers. However, the hectic crowds of the City That Never Sleeps is a challenging adjustment from quiet Romania.

By 1987, she traveled south to Atlanta where she simply falls in love with the Southern living, the tranquility, traditionalism and conservative way of living in the South. In 1990 she opened her first alteration shop in Buckhead, working mostly on regular clothe, but not long after that  she started working with brides by altering and redesigning vintage wedding gowns. In time, she made the shift towards bridal wear, carried a selection of other designers gowns in addition to her own private collection. Isabella Margianu is been helping brides-to-be appear their best for over 28 years.

It’s difficult to make one white gown stand out from the others, but Isabella Margianu always creates stunning design choices and surprisingly unique dresses. Combing the refined elegance learned during her stay in high fashion social circles with personal design options, there’s no wedding dresses quite like hers.

Rather than settling for pre-made dresses, Isabella takes pride in personally designing every gown that her clients order. She remains honored that she can help so many brides to make their special day even better.

Isabella believes that a gown must be intimate, personal, and make a defining statement every time one hits the drawing board. When you need to know that all eyes will remain on you, you need an Isabella Margianu bridal gown.